All Wildlife Removal Service, LLC...
New Jersey's professional wildlife removal solution!
All Wildlife Removal Service, LLC was established in 1998.  We are not
a free service but a fully insured and licensed company that devotes
ourselves to professionalism towards nuisance wildlife problems and animal

We proudly service many parts of  New Jersey including
County, Ocean County, Somerset County, Mercer County, Middlesex
County, parts of Hunterdon county, parts of morris county and union
. If you are outside these areas and need help finding a
professional wildlife removal company, feel free to
call or email our office
or check out the section of this website on
how to find a licensed
contractor in your part of New Jersey.

All Wildlife Removal Service, our varied experience and continuing
education provides us with a solid base of biological and wildlife damage
control knowledge.  Education of our clients is an important component as
well, and we take extra care to ensure that our clients are aware of their
nuisance animal's biology and behaviors.

Openings, gaps, and unscreened ventilation areas on buildings are prime
entrances of grey squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, mice,
and other nuisance wildlife animals. Nuisance animals cause expensive
damage and many carry diseases and parasites.

If animals are not properly sealed out of a building, they will continue to let
themselves in. This provides numerous concerns for a property owner such
as structural damage, financial hardship, health concerns, and frustration.
All Wildlife Removal Service is staffed with skilled carpenters who perform
essential repair work to your structure, sealing it against future animal

All Wildlife Removal Service evaluates each problem and presents the
solution that will best fit our client's needs.  Written proposals and/or
presentations of our customized solution are available upon request. We do
so much more than trap and remove animals. The most important part of
the job is making sure the animals don't come back and cause you the
same headaches all over again once we've removed them the first time.
Wildlife Removal Service
is staffed with skilled carpenters who perform
essential repair work to your structure, sealing it against future animal

WARRANTY! That's right -- if your nuisance animals come back after
we've removed them and repaired the structure within the one-year
warranty period, so does All Wildlife Removal Service, free of charge! We
will also offer you the option to renew your warranty near the end of the
contract.  We are proud to offer you our warranty because we are so
confident that our work will make the difference in keeping your home

We pride ourselves on being solutions-oriented and on our dedication to
professionalism.  We work with and consult local and state agencies and
other animal-specific control experts.

Our company handles residential, commercial, municipal, institutional, and
governmental animal problems. We handle ANY animal situation that may
be encountered and we enjoy solving the problems that others cannot! We
are even available for animal carcass removal.

We will SOLVE your animal problems
and back up our work with

Office 732-656-0088
Toll Free Line: 800-797-1004
From Toms River
to Edison,
from Princeton
to Marlboro,
All Wildlife
Removal Service

proudly serves many
parts of New Jersey.

If you're not in our area,

click here to
find out how
to choose a trust-worthy
contractor in your area.
Or feel free to give us a
call - we'd be happy to
answer your questions!


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All Wildlife Removal
is New Jersey's
animal removal
specialist for wildlife of
all kinds...

Bat removal

- Bird removal

- Deer carcass and other
carcass removal

- Flying squirrel removal

- Grey squirrel removal

- Groundhog removal

- Mole removal

- Raccoon removal

- Skunk removal

- Wild Turkey removal
All Wildlife Removal Service
(732) 656-0088
All Wildlife Removal Service will solve your
nuisance animal conflicts!
We guarantee it.
Office: 732-656-0088         Fax: 732-521-9042

New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor Licence 13VH09698500
~Proud Members of ~
        Members of New Jersey Wildlife Damage Control Association
        Members of NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association)
        NWCOA Bat Standards Compliant; Batcone/Procone Certified Installers
        Licensed & Certified with New Jersey Fish and Wildlife State Trappers
        Snare Certified with the Department of New Jersey Fish and Wildlife
        Members of Bat Conservation International
        OSHA Certified, American Safety Council Hazard/Construction
        New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor License 13VH09698500